Use Dreams to Achieve Your Goals

Hold on to your dreams, trust, know

Are you setting new goals for 2019. Reduce your stress by using your dreams to help you realize your goals by tapping into a deeper part of you?

Dreams are a part of who I am, of what I work hardest to understand, they guide me and connect me to the deepest parts of myself, and to the collective, to imagination, to infinite possibility.  They are part of what I hold most dear. Call me intense. I call it passion…

Your dreams are meant to help you, even nightmares. It is the unconscious trying to get your attention. You can use your sleep time to rest and restore, have less stress and more peace of mind knowing that you can count on them.

Everyone has dreams. As Jung says, they are the royal road to the unconscious. Much of our confidence, unknown talents, and personal power are hidden there and they will help you to realize your goals and shape your life.

There is a type dream called an “organizing dream” that helps you work through the issues of the day. The trick is to learn how to understand the message. Every dream is meant to help you, even nightmares.

To begin to work with your dreams, before you go to sleep, impress on your mind a question. Following the same routine of relaxing before bed time each night helps. Less alcohol and caffeine help too.

How to use dreams:

  • Set your mind to your goal.
  • Ask yourself, what’s stopping me from having _______(love, health, peace, success, happiness, contribution, fulfillment,whatever you are working on).
  • Set the intention in your mind by saying to yourself “rest, relax and deep sleep and I will remember my dreams.”
  • *Put a notebook beside your bed and write it down in the morning as soon as you wake up. Sketch pictures of your dreams with different colored pencils and markers to make it fun.
  • If you don’t remember, just write, “I don’t remember my dream and I will remember tonight.” It may take a few nights to a week to begin to remember.
  • What is the feeling tone of the dream? The feeling is very important whether it is anxious, sad, happy, fear, love, vitality. Write down the feeling too.


Interpretation is the fun part. Just like reading a story, there is a main story line and individual symbols. Jung says just by doing the process of writing down dreams and reading them back to yourself, you will begin to understand.

  • Think about the message. If someone else were telling you the story of the dream what do you think it would mean?
  • Use your own interpretation rather than the dream websites.
  • You are all the actors in your dream from the scary creepy to the lovely fantastic.
  • Dreams sometimes use puns
  • They will tell you what you need to to help you achieve your goal or solve a problem but not directly.

Here’s a short example: I dreamt about looking at a restaurant menu, walked passed a giant tray of hamburgers and looked at a stack of cooked crabs. I interpreted this as: I have choices, go passed the hamburger, and look at the cooked crabs. You know the story of the crabs that pull each other down into a bucket. I need to cook the crabby thoughts that are pulling me down. Are you listening to crabby thoughts and settling for hamburger? You have choices.

Dream interpretation using Jung’s techniques and learning dream symbols has opened up a entirely new arena of the mind that continually amazes me and I am grateful to be doing this work.

There is a symbolic language in dreams that are found across cultures and throughout history.

Some basic dream symbols:

  • car: your will
  • dog: domesticated instinct
  • small body of water: personal unconscious
  • large body of water: collective unconscious
  • bathroom: emotions
  • clothes: persona -the parts of ourselves that we show the outside world

For more information:

Dream Journal: A guided place to record and reflect

The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images by Taschen

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