Easy 7- minute stress relief

Everyone needs a break. On the most stressful of days when you think you have not time to rest is exactly when you need to take one. It may seem like there is NO time to put things down but taking care of yourself first really work.

Invest in your own well being for better health, happiness, and productivity. A relaxed state of mind is a creative state of mind that is able to focus and see solutions when none was there before, AND it can be cultivated. With practice you will be able to create that state of mind when you need it.

Sitting on the side of a mountain to take in the big picture of life is a powerful recharge for the soul. You don’t need to leave the country like I did, you can do the same with a guided relaxation meditation, but it was really fun.

Seven years ago, I was was overwhelmed with responsibilities, dealing with conflict, and running a business and very close to quitting. I was exhausted but trusted that there is more to life than staying safe doing the same thing day after day.

I signed up for my first photo trip. “Extreme Landscapes.” Patagonia in the dead of winter. It was not a joke, stunningly beautiful, stark, frigid cold.

At one point I was separated from the group after hiking to our location before dawn and feeling like Puma bait wandering the hills and feeling the immediacy of life. What would I do if and when I got off the side of the mountain. Memories of a life-time were being made while I took steps towards focusing on what truly fulfills my soul.

Words of wisdom by Matthieu Ricard

Listen to that inner voice calling you to stretch beyond your comfort zone. I believe that part of the stress that people feel is their inner self telling them to grow, to explore, and live an expansive life. The voices that tell us to be safe, predictable, stay in our lane is in direct conflict with the spirit within us that needs to express its uniqueness…sometimes it good to get off the freeway. The world is a beautiful place. Go out and explore. Be who you were meant to be.

It is better to begin to train the mind with short intervals, even one minute, to focus on a single point, rather than spend hours watching your thoughts race around.

Photo of Los Cuernos in Torres del Paine: Stunning massive granite mountain peaks lift their face to the heavens.